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Online class with Garth McLean

For some reason or another, everybody is living in uncertainty at the moment.

Addressing this issue, ESYSP welcomes the dear Garth McLean for an online class! Though we won’t be able to be physically gathered together this time, our bond lives and strengthens online.

The theme for this class will be:


Opening up safely from our inner to outer world

Right now people are talking about opening up: venturing back out to the streets, shopping and going other places; Garth invites us to consider how we can use yoga and an asana practice to transition from the safety of our inner world to explore going back out to the outer world — consciously, safely and with courage and caution as our guide.

In this General Workshop, we will explore ways to bring more balance and strength to our nervous and immune system.

Garth will share with us an Iyengar Yoga practice which, in his words, has the beauty of being adapted to suit anyone’s ability at whatever level to receive the benefits of a yoga practice. This will be a general all levels workshop.

About Garth McLean

Garth McLean no Brasil

Garth McLean is a Senior Intermediate 3 Iyengar Yoga teacher residing in United States of America, he is also certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996, he began his daily practice of Iyengar Yoga to manage his condition.

Based on his studies, along with other teachers, Garth is a co-founder of Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics, a non-profit organization devoted to help people to deal with diseases and physical conditions through Iyengar Yoga therapeutic practice.


Prerequisite: any.
Ambulatory: Able to get down to floor and up on your own.
Venue: online, through ZOOM app.
Date: August, 1, 2020
Time: 11:00 am às 1:30 pm (Brazilian time), 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm (GMT Time)
Language: the class will be in english with portuguese translation

General workshop

Suggested props: Mat, Blankets, bolster or pillows, belt or similar, a chair, space at a wall (or in front of a locked door), bricks if you have

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Guidelines for Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

With direct personal experience in overcoming some of the most frightening symptoms associated with MS, Garth can wholeheartedly attest that the practice of Iyengar Yoga offers the practitioner the opportunity to overcome not only the challenges of MS, but also of life.

The practice helps one to face times of fear and uncertainty with poise and presence of mind.

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