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Mantra to Patanjali

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/9″][vc_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]In the beginning of each class we usually intonate the Mantra to Patanjali that was originally presented by Bhojavritti in his comments of Yoga Sutras. Patanjali was a wise man that lived in ancient India. The philosophical fundaments of Classic Yoga, the Yoga Sutras, are attributed to him. Intonating the mantra in the beginning of the classes is a way of recognizing that the wisdom of the wise Patanjali lives on until today trough our practice. While remembering this great wise man from the past we can surrender ourselves completely to the practice, so intonating this mantra brings the sacred aspect of the practice.[/vc_column_text][ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Mantra to Patanjali[/ig_special_heading][vc_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”] YOGENA CITTASYA PADENA VACAM MALAM SARIRASYA CA VAIDYAKENA YOPAKAROTTAM PRAVARAM MUNINAM PATANJALIM PRANJALIR ANATO’SMI ABAHU PURUSAKARAM SANKHA CARKRASI DHARINAM SAHASRA SIRASAM SVETAM PRANAMAMI PATANJALIM [/vc_column_text][ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Translation of the Mantra to Patanjali[/ig_special_heading][vc_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]I bow before the noblest of the sages, Patanjali, that gave us yoga to the placidity and holiness of the mind, grammar to the purity of speak and medicine to the perfect health. I bow before Patanjali, incarnation of Adisesa, whose superior body has human form, and holds a shell and a disk, that is crowned by a serpent of a thousand heads.[/vc_column_text][ig_special_heading heading_type=”1″ heading_align=”textalignleft”]Audio from the Mantra to Patanjali[/ig_special_heading][vc_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]