Some women feel attracted to practicing Yoga during pregnancy. Know that the practice if well done can bring many benefits for the mother and for the baby.

Because of the use of props, Iyengar Yoga is very good for pregnant women since it allows a safer execution of the postures.

During their training Iyengar Yoga Teachers study the anatomical and hormonal alterations that occur in the woman´s body during pregnancy, this way the classes for those women are different from regular classes.

The Estúdio Iyengar Yoga São Paulo offers classes for pregnant women in its schedule. See here.

Online de Iyengar Yoga For Pregnancy with Ana Luisa Matsubara

This Iyengar Yoga class for pregnant women were carefully prepared by Analu herself, on her second pregnancy at the beginning of the second trimester.

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, coordinator of ESYSP (Estúdio Iyengar Yoga São Paulo), Analu based her asanas and sequences on various courses and studies devoted to this theme. Analu experienced renowned teachers like: Corinne Biria (França), Inga Grevtzow (Russia) e Rita Keller (Alemanha).

It is a essential class for those interested on begin or continue Iyengar Ygoa during pregnancy. Even teacher of Iyengar Method will benefit from this class.

All asanas performed where adapted to pregnant reality, always taking into account the benefits of learning a new movement with safety maintaining internal spaces, mainly on pelvis.

Class duration: 1 hour and half.

Watch some parts of the Iyengar Yoga for Pregnant Women video-class with Ana Luisa Matsubara

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